custom foam interiorWhen you have precision, impact sensitive equipment that needs to be shipped, an ordinary case simply won’t get the job done. Your precious equipment will need a custom case to ensure that every part and piece of equipment will be protected fully. While the strong structured outside of a custom case is protecting the shell of your equipment, what is protecting the heart of it? It’s important to never neglect the inner workings of your specialty equipment, and the best way to keep it protected is by using a custom foam interior. Custom foam interiors help to protect the inside of your equipment by absorbing any shock or vibrations made during impact, such as the case being dropped or thrown during transportation.


At Advanced Packaging Incorporated, we understand the importance of protecting not just the skeleton of your valuable equipment, but the organs as well. We specialize in using the latest technology to create a custom foam interior for your new or used custom case. Our specialists consider several factors before beginning the process of creating your custom foam interior. These factors include the type of environment your equipment will be exposed to, the type of handling your equipment will receive, and how fragile your equipment is. Our specialists will then decide on the best material to use for your custom foam interior. These materials include:

  1. Anti-Static Foam
  2. Filter Foam
  3. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  4. Polyethylene
  5. Polyether
  6. Polyurethane

At API, we use only the latest cutting techniques to create the best custom foam interior for your custom case. On house we have a profile cutter, vertical band saws, and a die-cut press while also using a water-jet foam-cutting system that is state of the art. Our custom foam interiors are designed to best fit your product, making packing and reassembling equipment easier and saving you time and money.

Our in house designers and engineers are always waiting to help you with all of your needs when it comes to custom cases. Contact us today to get started with developing a custom case and custom foam interior that is right for you in a manner that is quick and efficient.   Call us today at (410)-358-9444 or fill out or online form here to receive a quote. You can also begin following API on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



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