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IP Ratings and Custom Aluminum Cases for Electronics

The reality of the world today is that we expect almost all of our electronics to go everywhere that we go. For most of us, this means taking our phone, tablet, and maybe even laptop with us out into the world – a world where it rains, snows, and blows around sand, dirt, and other…

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Protecting Electronics with Custom Transit Cases

When it comes to transporting sensitive or delicate equipment and objects which can be easily damaged in the course of transit, nothing will protect them better than custom transit cases. Depending on your needs and what your are trying to transport, there are a wide variety of cases to choose from. This is good news,…

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Protecting Valuable Electronics with a Custom Case

If you have valuable electronics, you can’t just stick them into any case. Even though it is an initial investment, a custom case will pay for itself over time. You won’t have to worry about your electronics not fitting or getting jostled around. If you want to keep your items safe and secure, it’s crucial…

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Integrate your Electronics in your Cases for Maximum Security

  When you’re toting around electronics, you need to know that they are going to stay safe through the whole journey. If you work in the medical, military, or in government, then you need a case that is going to ensure your work can be done effectively without any hiccups. Keeping your equipment safe is…

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Custom Cushioning: Taking Custom Cases to New Levels!

When it comes to protecting your military equipment, medical instruments, electronics, or other valuable, a custom case is nice. But without custom cushioning, it is only half of the equation. That is why we at Advanced Packaging Incorporated (API) do not stop at custom containers and custom cases; API also engineers custom foam inserts to…

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Custom Shipping Cases to Fit Your Needs

Let’s face it; there is no standard size for new products, electronics, and technologies. So why are you trying to fit your unique equipment into a standard shipping case? That is why Advanced Packaging Inc. – also known as API – offers a wide variety of custom case solutions. API not only offers different sized…

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